What does #ConRight and #CC mean?

ConservativeRighteousness #ConRight #ConservativeContemptuousness #CCThese are the Conservative twist on “Political Correctness.” Early in the 1990s the term, “political correctness”, was used by conservatives to oppose what they perceived as the rise of the Left’s desire to eliminate exclusion of various identity groups based on language usage. According to Sapir-Whorf, or the Whorfian, hypothesis, “our perception … Continue reading What does #ConRight and #CC mean?


Surviving Sticky Media Web Threads

Today’s smart phones, ipads and tablets are a fast and convenient resource for those pesky, everyday, how-to questions. Youtube videos and search engine results can teach us seemingly anything from cooking a recipe to how to build a home, basic Spanish to nearly instantaneous news coming out of Madrid. There is so much information available … Continue reading Surviving Sticky Media Web Threads