What does #ConRight and #CC mean?

ConservativeRighteousness #ConRight #ConservativeContemptuousness #CC

These are the Conservative twist on “Political Correctness.”
Early in the 1990s the term, “political correctness”, was used by conservatives to oppose what they perceived as the rise of the Left’s desire to eliminate exclusion of various identity groups based on language usage.
According to Sapir-Whorf, or the Whorfian, hypothesis, “our perception of reality is determined by our thought processes, which are influenced by the language we use”. This is a way that language can mould our reality and indoctrinate us to think about and respond to that reality. The words we use can also reveal and promote our biases.
Those who most strongly opposed the so-called “political correctness” view it as unnecessarily censorship and a restriction of freedom of speech. They believe that these cultural language guidelines lead to self-censorship and a curtailment on behaviour. They also feel that political correctness perceives offensive language where they believe none exists.
Others believe that being alerted to and aware of the use and meaning of certain labels can help to to curb hate speech and minimize exclusionary speech practices.
In general the debate concerning political correctness seems to revolve around language, names, and whose definitions of them will ultimately be accepted.

Now, in 2020, the terms “Conservative Contemptuousness” (C.C.) or “Conservative Righteousness” (ConRight) are being used to describe the attitude and behaviour deployed by far right Conservative’s to divert responsibility for any perceived bad behaviour, wrong doing or hypocrisy. The terms can be used as an adjectives or nouns, though the variety of uses is expanding. —

CC or ConRight contains a collection of fallacious excuses for one’s egregious behaviour, often around the notion that “someone else did the bad behaviour first so it cancels out my own bad behaviour“,
Diverting responsibility from own’s own actions by changing the focus to someone else’s actions.
A tit-for-tat argument claiming immunity because one’s rival also does the alleged bad behaviour.
Over-simplifying an argument to make it easier to refute while ignoring the complexities.
…add a list of commonly used fallacies here, but word them in a way the common man would understand.

The list goes on and can be categorized by a number of Logical Fallacies.

Because the CC or ConRight is often identified by those people who have studied and understand Logical Fallacies, the terms have an implication of ignorance toward those being accused of using CC/ConRight; Especially since the user seldom realizes that they are committing a fallacious act.

The term, “ConRight”, also includes the implication of a conman or sleazy salesman, with reference to President Donald Trump’s skill as a professional salesman (real estate) and his use of CC and ConRight arguments to easily sell his political ideas to a certain segment of the population.

Because many people are unaware of, or not educated about, Logical Fallacies, another intention of using the terms CC and ConRight is (Like the term Political Correctness) to, “Dumb down”, and lump together those terms.

If one hears a loyal follower of Mr. Trump say they support him because, “He says it like it is,” the critiquing come back would be,
“Another CC” (parroting a phrase and not thinking for one’s self) or
“ConRight” again (Implying another fallacy was used that the user was not aware of).


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