Surviving Sticky Media Web Threads

Today’s smart phones, ipads and tablets are a fast and convenient resource for those pesky, everyday, how-to questions. Youtube videos and search engine results can teach us seemingly anything from cooking a recipe to how to build a home, basic Spanish to nearly instantaneous news coming out of Madrid. There is so much information available at the tip of our fingers that we can have a difficult time deciding which search results, sometimes in the thousands, are the most appropriate for our needs.

Then, we have this other pesky phenomena the public has coined as, “fake news.” They are sources and web sites that have some other agenda then to just benevolently present us with, “Nothing but the facts.” “News,” videos and headlines, describing subjects we have firm beliefs and deep emotions about, draw us in to click on a link giving us… Advertising? A completely unrelated story, or worse yet, a news story that completely “proves” why our point of view on a hot topic is the right point of view. Coincidentally, that other guy with the completely opposite point of view, he also clicked on a link that “proved” he definitely had the right point of view.

Join us as we learn how to navigate and survive today’s sticky media web of, “everybody is right and you’re wrong,” threads.

Stay tuned, as we fine tune our harmonic rhythms.

Gettin’ them pesky bugs out of our webpages. 😉

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